Placenta Remedies


The placenta is a magical organ worthy of respectful treatment. Many cultures around the globe have some kind of ritual to pay homage to this sacred organ. In our culture it is considered as “hazardous waste” and treated like garbage. Not only is it a wonder that your body knows how to make an organ out if it’s own parts but, this organ has the intelligence to grow and nurture your child with DNA from your ancestors!

It’s a transfer station to move oxygenated blood to your baby and it knows how to keep the mother’s blood separate from baby’s so baby can be a different blood type! It carries nutrients, hormones and antibodies to support the baby’s growth and also helps to move out what the baby doesn’t need. It creates progesterone hormones to keep the mama balanced through the incredible transformation her body is going through during pregnancy. Your baby has an intimate relationship with the placenta while in your belly and it can continue to serve baby and mama even after the baby is born!

It is thought that because the placenta harnesses hormones to keep mama sane through pregnancy, the sudden withdrawal of those hormones after the birthing is what causes the baby blues and ingesting it may restore your body to an equilibrium. Due to this, mammals eat their placenta after birth to replenish it’s energy and also to disguise it’s scent from potential predators.

Here’s what’s in the placenta and why you may benefit from ingesting it: The placenta contains high levels of prostaglandin which helps to shrink the uterus back to size as it cleans it out and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. The placenta also contains oxytocin (the love hormone)which promotes pain relief from birth and can aid in bonding with your baby. The hormone Interferon  boosts the immune system which can help mama fight infections after birth and Cortisone  releases energy to combat stress.  Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII which helps to lessen hemorrhaging and promote expedited healing.  Additionally, the placenta contains the hormone Prolactin which is  responsible for your healthy mammary  function to produce milk for your baby. The placenta is also rich in vitamins, minerals, high in iron and protein to help with recovering from the extreme energy output of birthing.

I am in process of receiving certification through Full Circle Encapsulation Training  to be a CIES ( Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist). I have an OSHA approved certificate in Bloodborn Pathogen and Control Standard to handle your sacred organ with respect and responsibility as well as a food safe certification.

I offer a variety of remedies for your placenta, serving Nelson B.C and surrounding areas. My services includes  prenatal meet and greet, pick up and drop offs in the city of Nelson, encapsulation, cord keepsake, informational packet, delivery of placenta capsules and a postpartum follow-up. If you are outside of this area there will be a mileage fee added to your costs depending on where you live. You are also welcome to drop off your placenta at my home to avoid the mileage fee. Depending on my  schedule, I am open to offering this service at your home if that is what you prefer



This is the complete package to utilize your placenta with all of it’s benefits. The package includes a post delivery smoothie (with you providing the smoothie ingredients), encapsulation either the TCM or raw method, tincture, salve , chord keepsake and a print of your placenta!

TCM PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION: $180 or $144 with doula service

Inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta, gently heating the placenta with herbs, lemon, cayenne pepper and fresh ginger (all ingredients are organic) and then dehydrating the placenta before it is put into capsules. Using this preparation is thought to bring out the placentas healing and tonifying properties. This service includes  a prenatal meet & greet, picking up your placenta, encapsulation, cord keepsake, informational packet, delivery of placenta capsules and a postpartum follow-up.

RAW PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION: $170 or $136 with doula service
The RAW method of preparation skips the heating and herbal process altogether. Raw food activists believe that steaming the placenta destroys some of the essential nutrients. Using this option provides a burst of energy upfront and great hormone stabilization.

This services includes prenatal meet & greet, picking up your placenta, encapsulation, cord keepsake, informational packet, delivery of capsules and a postpartum follow-up.

PLACENTA SMOOTHIE: $25 or FREE with encapsulation if you provide the smoothie ingredients

Having a fruit smoothie with a bit of raw placenta added gives the mom a great energy boost, satisfies post-birth thirst and hunger while providing the immediate benefits of the placenta. The smoothie tastes no different than a regular, placenta-free smoothie. You have your choice of fruit and also dairy/vegan( all ingredients are organic). A great starter while you are waiting for your capsules to arrive.


 Putting part of your placenta in tincture form is another way to stretch out its longevity. A small portion of placenta is added to >100 proof alcohol and set to ferment for 6 weeks. Some of the benefits include hormone stabilization in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, energy and for menopause years down the road. The female child can also benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstruation cycles.


A salve or balm made of your placenta and a variety of healing  organic herbs and oils offers healing properties to c-section scars once they are healed, hemorrhoids, perinea l tearing, cracked or blistered nipples, eczema, sun burn, diaper rash (can be made cloth diaper safe!), skin irritation and more. You have the option to choose which herbs are added to your salve such as lavender, chamomile or vanilla. Think of the salve as a super healing, natural triple antibiotic ointment!


The same fees are applied and the placenta will need to be  thawed out by you before  I am able to work with it.






Please note:  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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