A Placenta print is a beautiful keepsake printed from the blood of your placenta. It resembles the tree of life and is a nice way to remember the creator of your child. I am open to doing prints with ink if you are not planning on ingesting your placenta. The placenta will be washed to be buried or to be used in any other kind of ritual. The print will be sprayed with clear varnish to extend it’s lifespan.

Just the print on high grade water color paper: $50 (blood) $55 (ink)

Print with simple black frame: $65 regular size $70 bigger size


“A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman’s pregnant abdomen for the purpose of having a keepsake of the pregnancy.

“Belly casts are often made during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and some women choose to make a series of belly casts thereby capturing the progression of their pregnancy. Belly casts are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline or a similar lubricant. Strips of wet plaster gauze are layered over the pregnant abdomen to replicate the mother’s and her unborn baby’s shape in her. Some women choose to also cast their breasts, arms, hands and thighs into a full torso sculpture. The plaster sets in about 20–30 minutes; some fast-setting strips set in as quickly as five minutes. Once set the cast is then gently removed by the mother using a wriggling motion. It takes 24–48 hours for the belly cast to completely dry. The belly cast can be decorated with any number of finishes or designs or left in its natural state.“


side view of cast

Manifestation of my inspiration!


(At my home or at your home in town; mileage added if you live outside of Nelson)

I am open to artistic commissions to decorate your cast depending on my schedule. Prices vary depending on the project.

Please look at my creative website to see my style of painting!

Maasa's Belly Cast

This painting reflects my transition into motherhood!


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