Birth Education/Prenatal Yoga Consulting

Womanly Wisdom offers an educational private or group session tailored to your needs so you may feel more confident with the nature of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Classes may consist of lectures, demonstrations, partner work, videos and yoga to strengthen the connection you have with your body, breath and baby! The session fee is $30 an hour specifically designed for your needs. Here is a general list of topics that may aid you on your big day!

* Basic anatomy of birth.

* What is a birth plan?

Deep in labor; one with my breath and feeling the love!

* Creating your birth environment.

* How to support mama and baby during labor.

* Stages of labor and how to recognize them.

* Natural coping methods.

* How the uterus works.

* Mind and body connection.

* Hormones of pregnancy and labor.

* 6 ways to progress in labor.

* Natural preventative measures to lower  risk of postpartum bleeding.

* Birthing muscles; the sphincter theory and  how fear inhibits labor.

* Supplies for laborland.

* Active birth positions.

* Gate control theory; dealing with pain.

* Routine procedures at the hospital. What to expect when you are admitted.

* Interventions and how they effect you and your baby. What are the narcotics and anesthetics used and how they effect labor.

* Rituals for labor.

* Perineal compress.

Attention on your breath is the key to progress through labor!

* The magical functions of the placenta.

* How baby moves through labor.

* Optimizing fetal positioning.

*After care to benefit mama and baby.

* Visualizations and affirmations- manifesting your intentions.

* Protecting mama from war stories.

* Bonding and breastfeeding.

* Benefits of binding your belly.

* Attachment parenting



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