Getting intimate with the cervix

Check out this link to get intimate with the cervix! AMAZING!!


Repositioning baby to optimal position

The Miles Circuit is a helpful way to reposition baby into an optimal position of left occiput anterior. In this position the circumference of the baby’s head is smallest and journey through Mama’s birth the smoothest. Click on link for more info.

A baby can be in a Posterior position OP (baby is facing forward) or  Asynclitic position (baby’s head is tilted in a way that makes it difficult to move through the pelvis) if the muscles of Mama’s pelvic floor is tight by the birth opening on one side or another. The pelvic floor side lying release technique can be helpful to reposition baby in a more favourable position as well as help with progression of labor. Check out this article. This information may help to prevent necessary interventions. Keep it in the back of your mind, empower yourself!

Vaginal Exams Yay or Nay?

Information on Group B strep

Here is a very informative article discussing what Group B strep is and some statistics to ponder if you are not sure about the antibiotics.

Chinese herbs Yunnan Paiyao for preventing and treating hemorrhaging

Here is an article about Yunnan Paiyao a Chinese herbal concoction that is very effective as prevention and treatment for all kinds of bleeds.I still struggle with the fact why something this effective and non-intrusive  is not readily available in hospitals as an alternative to synthetic Pitocin that is routinely given as a preventative for hemorrhaging? I wish i had this knowledge when birthing my daughter. I did hemorrhage and firmly declined anything synthetic in my system. Luckily, my daughter breastfeeding stopped the bleeding but it would have been helpful if my midwife had Yunnan Paiyao in case i kept bleeding. Food for thought. Knowledge is power!! Here’s the link to the article.

Bathe your mind, body and spirit in positive birth stories!

How many horrific birth stories have you heard and seen on TV? Unfortunately, our society is hypnotized by the idea that birth should be painful and challenging.  The seeds of fear spread from people sharing their terrible birth experiences to other women so they go into it thinking of all the bad things that “could” happen. So much focus is put on the hardships and potential difficulties arising during birth. What chance are we giving ourselves for a beautiful birth experience if what we expect is pain and suffering? In some cultures no negative word is uttered to the pregnant woman so that she and her baby will be surrounded by good on their birth journey.  I believe this to be true. There is a chemical and physical response in our bodies with every thought that goes on in our minds. This response may be miniscule or it may even stop your heart depending on the power of your thinking.  When you think scary thoughts, your heart rate will speed up, eyes will dilate, the hair at the back of your neck will stand up and your body will definitely not function optimally. During birth, the key is to allow your body to do what it is designed to do and the best way to do that is to relax and TRUST the process. If you have your mind running on the things that could possibly go wrong that message will manifest in your body. So, why not ban the stories that will limit your potential to having a beautiful, wonderful birth experience. What do we have to lose by downloading only positive information to empower ourselves during this most amazing time of creation? Why not train our mind that birth is the most natural instinct that we inherently own? We need to remind ourselves that our body’s intelligence knows how to make a  human being just as it knows how to birth it. We just need to get out of our own way!  Here is a great site with great stories. Read, listen and see ONLY positive, empowering, and beautiful births and witness how you feel. It’s the best thing you can do to prepare for your journey!

Belly dancing your baby to birth!

Simple belly dancing moves during labor can be a meditative way to effectively open your body for your baby to move through the birth path.  Moving your pelvis in circles, side to side and in a figure 8 shape will allow the joints in the pelvis to loosen, creating optimal space for baby to maneuver through. Take a look at this clip (i’m not indorsing her video since i haven’t seen it but, i really like what she has to say about how belly dancing during her labor allowed her to have an empowering birth experience!).

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