Woman gives birth in the wild.

Here is a woman totally in tuned with her ability to create and to birth.  Some may call her a primitive human, but it seems like the more connected to Earth and primitive women are, the less complicated birthing is for them. This is an interesting idea to ponder… In the West, birthing has become an event which commonly uses medical intervention. In countries where women have no choice but to simply squat and have their babies when time comes, that is just what they do! Have we created our collective consciousness of complicating birth? Just as every animal knows what to do when it comes time to birthing, we also have the inherit knowing somewhere inside.  A baby knows how to be birthed just as a mama knows how to birth. It’s the most primal knowing of becoming! It’s so strange that we have become accustomed to relying on somebody else to tell us how to birth our very own creation….


Check out how mama elephant knows exactly what to do to resuscitate her baby.


A C-shaped spine helps to move baby down the birth canal. Check out how this chimp utilizes the shape in an unusual way! I really hate to see these animals living and giving birth in cages, but i am grateful to have to opportunity to see this birth.



Spinning Babies

This is a fantastic site with information on various positions that a baby may lay in mama’s belly.  For labor to go smoothly, it is beneficial for the baby to be in an optimal position to move through the birthing journey. This site has illustrations, videos and clear descriptions on how to turn your baby.  It will empower you with knowledge to actively and consciously encourage your baby to move into a better position if  baby is in breech, posterior, transverse or other positions that are less then optimal.  I also believe that it is very important for the mama to not get stressed out over the position of her baby but to do her best to stay relaxed, breath and continue to visualize where she wants her baby to go.  Instead of worrying about it, think of it as an opportunity to take the time to really connect with your baby. The intrinsic connection between mama and baby is paramount and we mustn’t underestimate the intelligence of these little beings! Click on the link to check out spinning babies. http://www.spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/breech-bottoms-up/flip-a-breech