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Womanly Wisdom unveiled!

This is the year of the dragon and being a dragon in the Chinese Astrology, I feel a great momentum of energy to now offer Womanly Wisdom services to the public. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed  the arrival of  beautiful souls this past year. Each birth bringing forth so much love and a sense of deep gratitude for being a part of such an intimate ceremony. I processed another placenta last week and I’m continually  surprised and ecstatic about having women approaching me to make capsules for them. To me it is such a gift to be able to offer back the perfect medicine that mamas created for themselves. I feel so strongly about the benefits of this practice especially since I felt it myself after the birth of my daughter . It’s really exciting to be able to mold my life around work that I am really passionate about and I look forward to the unraveling of 2012!

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