Belly binding u-tube (Sarashi)

There are wonderful benefits when you bind your belly during pregnancy and postpartum. As your baby grows, there is added stress on the ligaments of your belly, psoas and muscles in your back from the extra weight you are carrying. Binding your belly helps to keep your uterus and internal organs in place through the physical transformation your body goes through as you grow your baby. It also takes the weight off of your groin which can often be a painful area during pregnancy. The belly should be bound very snugly in order to support your anatomy and promote good alignment in your posture. It shouldn’t be so tight that your breathing gets effected but tight enough to feel the release in the areas that hold stress. Tune into your motherwit! If it feels wrong, trust your intuition and your baby and only do it if feels good!

Belly Binding has been around for centuries, primarily used in Japan, Latin American and Europe. It’s benefits are more commonly known in the western world for postpartum especially after a c-section. There are specialized belly binding products that you can buy but if you want to keep it simple, you can make one easily with some stretchy, heavier fabric.  Just make sure that you have it about 4 meters long and about 4 inches wide. Here’s a another great link 

It is benefitial to bind your belly for 40 days postpartum. This allows time for your uterus and internal organs to be supported while finding it’s place back in your body after it’s shifted around during pregnancy. Binding helps to tone the abdominal muscles and skin, draw the hips back together, promote good posture, protect the back while carrying your new bundle of joy around, can speed up weight loss, aid in ridding the body of waste blood after delivery, and also can aid in closing the birth canal after birth. I believe that it can be the best thing you can do for your body for the long term after the tremendous stress your body goes through during pregnancy and after. I admit that it’s a bit of a pain to do this every day but, if you think of how physically demanding it is to raise a wee energy ball i think it’s worth it to heal optimally and take the time to do this. I wish i had this information when i was pregnant! I know i will definitely do this next time (if there is a next time!)!


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